The Ministry is everywhere…

We have news on several fronts today.

It has come to our attention that not everyone visits webpages anymore. Apparently there is also something called Facebook. The Ministry has overlooked the rise of this behemoth while distracted by mad scientists and such.

This failure has been remedied, and now there is a Facebook Group page for the Ministry. It is there we will be spreading news of competitions, announcing news first, and generally encouraging a community of people to gather.

It is not just for us however. We really want you to contribute. Ask us questions, post pictures of you and the books. Some cos play Ministry would be wonderful.

BREAKING NEWS: We have been given the go ahead to release top secret information…but only Doctor Sound informs us, if the Ministry Facebook page gets to 300 Likes. He is a real stickler for numbers.

So go, Like the page, and once that number is hit, we shall announce the news! Also, the Director will rubber stamp our request to run another competition. Apparently we have some signed Hardback editions of both Phoenix Rising and the Janus Affair ready, as well as some fine pieces of Ministry kit.

So go Like the page, and help free the news!

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