Two new ebook Short Stories

We have two new ebooks available for you this month, from Katarina Bordet and Michael Ventrella. One takes in theMummyofBarnsleythe grandeur of the Austrian Empire…the other let’s loose a Mummy in Barnsley!

The Mummy of Barnsley

by Michael Ventrella

Northern England, 1894
Agent Ernest Throckmorton is called to Barnesley to investigate reports of a Mummy terrifying the town. Throckmorton soon finds himself thrown together with an all too eager assistant desperate to be part of the Ministry, as they hunt down the meaning of the Mummy’s ominous threat. All shall pay for the desecration of the tomb!

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blackempressThe Black Empress

by Katarina Bordet

When two agents from the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences are called to Vienna to investigate disturbances at the palace, what they discover could threaten the Austro-Hungarian Empire and shatter the fragile peace in Europe. Who is the mysterious man who has pulled diplomatic strings to enlist the help of a foreign agency and how is the Empress Elisabeth herself involved?

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