Two Weeks and counting…

Two weeks from today the Janus Affair hits…according to Amazon that is. Though the official release date is a few days later, Amazon will start shipping that day.

The reviews are starting to come in. You can check them out here…but here are some of my favourites

The Janus Affair is a maddening delight that proves impossible to set aside, even when the plot twists knock the wind from you. Agents Books and Braun are even more addictive this time around as we delve into each of their secrets. The new mysteries that arise are as delicious as the ones we receive answers to. Once again, the authors have created an infuriating pleasure that makes me want to beg on hands and knees for the next book.

Switzy Thoughts

The Janus Affair isn’t pretentious or overwrought. It seeks nothing but to entertain readers in the smartest and best way possible and to show the love that Ballantine and Morris have for steampunk, for larger-than-life adventurers and big stories. It’s engaging, it’s a page turner and above all, it’s a really fun story to get lost in for a while.

Sticky Trigger Entertainment

If you’re a fan of good writing, you need to go ahead and pre-order The Janus Affair now. (Feel free to click the image on the carousel to the right.) If you’ve never read steampunk before, this would be a great introduction. If you’ve felt steampunk wasn’t for you, The Janus Affair will change your mind. If you’re tired of books that take themselves too seriously and forget to let the reader enjoy the story and characters, Ms. Ballantine and Mr. Morris had you in mind. I truly believe with The Janus Affair: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel, this series will become a fan favorite and readers will demand to find out what happens when next Eliza and Welly suit up for their next adventure.

View from Valhalla

In addition, the ebook versions of the short stories in Tales from the Archives are starting to appear—there are three out so far, but every two weeks a new one appears. So check them out here.

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  1. Wife, you forgot one more review…my favorite…

    “I loved this. Absolutely. Frikkin. Loved it. I tried to draw out the experience and couldn’t make myself stop reading the second day. Without a doubt, this impressive second novel in the newer Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series is going into my “best of 2012” shelf as well as my much less used “all-time favorites.” I think I may even have loved this book like I love my hallmark series of steampunk, Gail Carriger’s formidably funny and inventive Parasol Protectorate series. I literally have nothing to complain about here, and that is rare. ”

    — Ageless Pageless Review

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