Where in the World Will Our Intrepid Journalists Appear?

I say — our intrepid journalists cannot seem to sit still. With friends near and far joining them at a variety of events, it appears that August will be quite the banner month. Are you wanting a signature from the award-winning authors behind The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences? Our journalists will be in person (and perhaps in proper steampunk fashion) at the following bibliophile-friendly events:

An Afternoon of Infernal DevicesAuthors After Dark

August 8-12, New Orleans, Louisiana

Watch the Skies

August 25, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

alongside the steampunk talents of…


August 31- September 3, Atlanta, Georgia

    • The Retro-Cast: Steampunk Podcasting & More – Fri. 8:30p in Int’l BC (Main Room)
    • Steampunk Author Roundtable – Saturday 1pm in Int’l A (Roundtable Room)
    • Social Steam: Steampunk, Social Media, and Making It Work – Monday 10am in Int’l A (Roundtable Room)
    • How Do You Take Your Steampunk — Light or Dark? – Monday 1pm in Int’l A (Roundtable Room)
    • Women in Alternate History- Monday 2:30p in Int’l BC (Main Room)


21-23 September

Baltimore Book Festival

28-30 September

With so much happening in August and September, whatever could they be planning and plotting for October and November?

I would never dream of speaking out of turn, but perhaps a homecoming for Miss Braun’s compatriot may be in order…

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