We have WINNERS!

It was a very hard decision…yes, we know everyone always says that…but this is very much the truth. The entries to the competition were all done wonderfully, but we had to chose a story that fitted with the Ministry Universe, captured New Zealand-ness and was full of adventure.

Unfortunately, the competition pulled out two entries that we just had to have. Yes, among the embarrassment of riches, there were TWO stories we couldn’t walk away from.

The First place story was written by Lewis Hoban. ‘The Taniwha of Ana Cove’. It was not only delightfully steampunk, but also wove Maori legend and life seamlessly into the tale. Lewis will be getting US$50 from the Ministry, $25 from SpecFicNZ, and publication as part of the anthology.

The second story we just had to have was written by Catherine Ford. ‘The Wrong Camera’ was so wonderfully written, and also packed full of beautiful New Zealand moments. She gets  Honourable Mention and $50 from the Ministry and publication as part of the anthology.

We could not be happier at these results, and cannot wait to bring you these tales so they can delight you as much as they have us!

3 Replies to “We have WINNERS!”

  1. Thank you so much! I’m truly honoured that you liked my little story. I can’t believe that it will be a part of Tales from the Archives. Squee!

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