YOU can join the Ministry!

Another secret has escaped from the Archives. Yes, it is true you can join the Ministry.

Thanks to Galileo Games, a roleplaying game is underdevelopment where you can play agents, solve mysteries, foil plots, and uncover mad conspiracies. It will be based on the FATE core system, and will allow you to develop the skills and have the adventures of a Ministry agent.

We are working with two talented ladies and one gentleman. J R Blackwell, who is helped many fine games make it into the world, and is a prodigious talent in a number of fields. She will be doing the designing of the game. P J Schnyder will be writing for the game, and we know like everything she does it will be done brilliantly.

The charming Mr Brennan Taylor who will be editing the game. Naturally, our journalists Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris will be heavily involved, but apparently Doctor Sound’s duties means he was not available.

Read the full announcement over at Galileo Games, and we’ll keep you informed on further developments.

Keep calm, and Game On!

Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Crest

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