All the Hues

The Kickstarter of 2015 was a rousing success, and the Ministry raised enough money to do two books. However we also made enough to reach our somewhat ridiculous goal of funding Countless Hues of Crimson.

If you remember Dawn’s Early Light, this is the book within that book. When things get a little dangerous for the Ministry agents, the use a cardan grill on this surprisingly popular steampunk erotic book.

So here it is, the Kickstarted piece of parody, now available in ebook, and soon in audio and print.

Buy here or read through Kindle Unlimited.
Anastasia Brassingware is a daughter of English aristocracy, but her station has been brought low by her father’s belief in ridiculous quick schemes. Now forced into penury, she must take any menial job.
A chance meeting with enigmatic pineapple merchant, Lord Heathcliff Redd, has changed everything. Drawn in by his brooding ways, the maiden discovers the pineapple merchant’s darker pleasures, and technological wonders that do more than just core his tropical bounties with ease.

Take caution, dear reader. This is a novel of shadow, of desire, and of wanton lust. This novella is not a collection of standing orders for a clandestine organization within Her Majesty’s government. No sir. No how. No way. Nowhere in this scintillating novel of erotic perversion are coded messages intended for agents that investigate the strange, the bizarre, and the unnatural. No. In this novella are pages of good British smut, just the way God intended. This is the story of a wide-eyed ingénue innocent to carnal pleasures, a wealthy English lord with a pineapple fetish, and fresh fruit bending to their will.

No standing orders whatsoever.


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