Report from Motor City Steam Con 2017

Our journalists have just returned from their third sojourn to Detroit, Michigan—just like our intrepid agents Eliza D Braun and Wellington Thornhill Books. Though they did leave a great deal less destruction in their wake.

Their first visit was to the now defunct Up in the Aether, which introduced them to the fine people of the city once known as the Paris of the West. See Dawn’s Early Light for what Books and Braun got up to on their first visit.

For several years, the city had no grand convention event, though the steampunk community remained strong. Then Salathiel Palland, stepped forward to start a new convention in 2016. This brave lady sallied forth to bring steampunks of all stripes to the mid-west.

Her convention was Motor City Steam Con, and our journalists went for the inaugural event, and for this its second year. It has quickly become one of their favourite events on the calendar.


It certainly was kicked off in fine style at opening ceremonies. Now our journalists have attended many opening ceremonies at many events, but the way they do things in Detroit stands alone for its spectacle. Last year it was a beautiful music and dance number, which them broke into a brass band ensemble piece. This year, set once again at an airship port, the audience was treated to an amazing Bollywood dance number, that had watchers hooting and hollering with delight.

For you edification here is just a sample.

What a way to start a convention!

In addition to our journalists, there were such luminaries from the steampunk authorial world as Leanna Renee Hieber, Zig Zag Claybourne, Sarah Hans, Robyn Bennis, and Balogun Ojetade.

Music lovers were not forgotten either, with Frenchy and the Punk, This Way to Egress, and Vourteque and others in attendance.

Maker Dave Lee of Hatton Cross Steampunk and corseteer Jessica Crutchfield of Ties That Bynd held discussions on their crafts.

Our journalists eyed Dave’s creations on display in the foyer with some envy.

Steampunk food, drink and tea was discussed and sampled. Period self defence was taught. Victorian hairstyles were practiced.

Needless to say our journalists give this event their highest recommendation.

Next year, rumour has it things will take a dark turn. The nefarious Jack the Ripper will be in attendance, whispers tell us anyway. Hopefully our agents will be also to make sure his deeds are punished accordingly.

So during next summer, turn your airship towards Detroit, and discover this hidden gem in the Paris of the West.






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