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Miss Eliza D Braun

The Ghost Rebellion is out there in all its formats, and we are starting to get reviews in.

From My Words…in words and pages.

I want to add, I love that we have a couple that still function and interact as individuals paired together. They are who they are and love each other for that reason. Eliza and Wellington still banter and make me smile as they go through their missions, but they are more to each other as well. I enjoy writing of couples in this way.

From Beauty in Ruins

The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences is, far and away, my favorite saga of alternative history, sci-fi steampunk, and espionage adventure. Strong characters, creative world (and history) building, and some really inventive mash-ups of monsters and mechanicals have made each book more interesting than the last.

From the Qwillery Review

 I really enjoyed this novel and looking forward to the final instalment. I am really glad that Ballantine and Morris made the decision to self publish these final two books. This was well worth the pledge in Kickstarter campaign and I would gladly donate again. Another great book for this fantastic writing duo.

Remember you don’t have to be a book blogger to review—though we do love our book bloggers. Places like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and are great places to drop a review even if you don’t have a blog. Not only will you be getting your opinion out there, but you will be helping the Ministry. The number of reviews a book gets actually helps its discoverability for new readers. The clankertons call them algorithms of somesuch.

Anyway, the more The Ghost Rebellion gets, the more chance there is of other readers and listeners finding it. So never think your review doesn’t matter…it matters a great deal.

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