Cover Reveal- The Ghost Rebellion

So here we are, with the first of the fruits of the Kickstarter we funded last year. Backers will be getting their copies in May, but the book will be available to the general public on June 8th. What’s more, you can pre-order the ebook now.

We had a wonderful team that made this cover possible.

Cover model: Verena Vorsatz
Photography: Michael Ward of Go ForWard
Book design: Starla Huchton of Designed by Starla
Make-up Artist: Tamara Barnett of Tennille Makeup Artistry
Behind the Scenes Wrangling: Matthew J Drake and Christina Payton

And here’s the blurb

From authors Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris, the award winning steampunk series continues…

The chase is on! After rescuing Queen Victoria from the clutches of the Maestro, Agents Eliza D Braun and Wellington Books are in hot pursuit of Dr Henry Jekyll. While he continues his experiments on the aristocracy of Europe, he leaves a trail of chaos and despair in his wake. However when Eliza and Wellington run him to ground in India, they are forced to come face to face with ghosts from the past, and the realities of empire.

Meanwhile Ministry agents Brandon Hill and Bruce Campbell travel deep into Russia hunting down a rare ingredient to save Queen Victoria’s life. Amid the cold they uncover a threat from the revitalized House of Usher that comes directly from their new Chairman.

All in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences will find their allegiances in question, and their mettle tested as a new dastardly era of international intrigue dawns.

The Ghost Rebellion

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  1. Splendid! Everyone outdid themselves on this spectacular cover. I look forward to reading the book — which I have pre-ordered — with excitement, tainted only by the lingering fear that Wellington will finally turn around to reveal the face of Immortan Joe…

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