Motor City and the Ministry

Back in 2013 Tee and Pip attended Up in the Aether, a steampunk convention in Detroit, Michigan. They fell so much in love with the city and the people, that Detroit ended up in their book, Dawn’s Early Light.

So when they were invited back in 2016, but this time to Motor City Steamcon, they jumped at the chance. The organizer, Salathiel Palland and her amazing created an amazing first time conventions. They even got a great sponsor in the form of Rusted Crow Spirits.

We’re going to try to encompass some of the brillant points of the convention, but rest assured there was so much more going on at all times.

The event started off with a bang. It is no exaggeration to say it was the most impressive opening ceremony our journalists have ever seen. Not only was there beautiful singing from Sal herself, but also a fantastic dance from Dance Centre studio, the Detroit Mass Choir, and then the Gabriel Brass Band. We’re not quite sure how anyone could top it!

Take a look at this video:

Motor City had an incredible line-up with many of the well-known names of steampunk in attendence. The Airship Ambassador. Alousious Fox. Lord Bobbins. Ashley Rogers. Diana Pho. Leanna Renee Hieber. R S Belcher. Frenchy and the Punk. As well as many amazing makers, carriers of teapots, and performers.

And the airship crews! At most conventions there is a chalkboard set up, where airship crews can write their names. At Motor City, the usual board was stretched to the limit. So many wonderful people!

The Writers Block was a fine idea, that we have not seen in other conventions. It was a place where writers could place their consignment books, and acted like a bookshop for the attendees. Right next to it was the reading room. Our journalists were very pleased when their reading had a standing room only attendence, and every single person there knew about the Ministry. No introductions necessary. Not bad for a covert organization!

Books at the Writers Block

Character creation was something we had never come across before, but it was lots of fun. Attendees were invited to appear before a group of writers. Then together the writers would come up with a back story based on what the attendee wore. It was very creative, and fun to see authors putting their skills to the test on the spot.

Our authors also attended a fantastic afternoon tea, with perfect cucumber sandwiches, biscuits, and man, many pots of the amber liquid. They had delightful conversation, seated with such fine folk as Lord Bobbins.

Afternoon tea

There was also this Facebook Live of our journalists reading the opening of The Curse of the Silver Pharaoh. From the looks and sounds of it, the selection was given a warm greeting…

All in all Motor City gathered in a large number of the neat events we have seen at other cons, and was well run by an enthusiastic crew.

Our journalists joined them in finishing off the whole event with a gathering at a local Indian restaurant. The food was wonderful the company amazing, and it was a perfect way to finish off a great event.

Our journalists can’t recommend this event highly enough, and if invited would definitely make the drive to attend again.

Thank you to Sal and her team for putting on such a great time for so many.

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