The Ministry’s Fifth Book

Ministry agent readingWe know since the arrival of book four, our readers and listeners have been anxious for news on the next. However, we have been reluctant to talk about it, since so much was up in the air.

You see, we always considered the adventures of Eliza and Wellington to be a six book arc, and the end of that final sixth book is crystal clear to us.

In the end after signing first a two book deal with HarperVoyager and then another two book contract with Ace, we came to the conclusion that producing the remaining books would be our best option. We know where to access all the resources that the first four books had, and publishing them ourselves gives us some added choices we didn’t have with traditional publishing.

The fifth book, which is well underway, is set in India, and the title will be The Ghost Rebellion. Just imagine what Agents Books and Braun can get up to as they pursue a certain mad doctor, discover a nefarious plot, and run into old friends in unexpected places.
So our plan is in October to launch a small kickstarter, enough to pay for editing, cover design, and printing books. We will be producing the fifth book in ebook, print, and audiobook versions. We are also going to offer an add-on for hardcovers, since readers have asked, and we even have some ideas about producing that scintillating short fiction piece, Countless Hues of Crimson...

We hope that you are excited for the final books in the series, and will consider supporting us. It has been quite a ride with the Ministry, and we’d love to have you along…

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