Tally Ho! A New Year with the Ministry

Well last year was a gallop for us here at the Ministry. We launched book four from our journalists, Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine, The Diamond Conspiracy. We picked up best steampunk from the RT Convention in Dallas for Dawn’s Early Light. We started and completed (by a hairsbreadth) Season Four of Tales from the Archives. Finally, we funded not one, but two books in the series via Kickstarter.

So how can 2016 possibly match that?

VerenaWell the new year is not letting us take much of a breath. This month we will be having two photoshoots to occupy us. Miss Verena Vorsatz will be here in two weeks to model for our covers for Book Six: Operation: Endgame, and Countless Hues of Crimson.

At the same time, Dominick Finelle will be shooting the cover for Book Five, The Ghost Rebellion. Behind the scenes is a great deal of writing from our journalists, editing from K T Bryski and Jennifer Meltzer, cover design, ebook, print and audio production.

Our tea supplies better not run low! So what can you expect?

The Ghost Rebellion will be sent to our backers at the end of May, and available to the general public in June.

Steampunk coupleIn between books Five and Six, we will be launching the fifth and last season of Tales from the Archives. We’re going to end with a bang, and the writers we have lined up are offering some fantastic adventures.

Another little project that we hope will be of interest will be arriving in August. For the last few years, our journalists have been talking about the Ministry Seven prequels. There have been several short stories about Verity Fitzroy, but finally the young lady in question will get her own novel, hopefully the beginning of a series. So look for Verity Fitzroy and the Case of the Silver Pharaoh in the northern summer

We once again are very grateful for the support and kindness you, dear readers and listeners, and we hope you will join us for the fun and frolics that lie ahead.

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