The Kaiser Calls: A Look at Phoenix Rising’s German Cover

Good Heavens! As if it is not enough that our illustrious publishers at Harper Voyager have decided to offer our award-winning adventure at a mere pittance of 99¢ for your reading pleasure (and for a limited time) but our dear friend and ally from Europe, the lovely Katharina Maimer, pointed out to Miss Braun and I the cover of Phoenix Rising… from our German publisher! This is quite a delightful surprise as we had not heard of its release date in Europe and this is our second glimpse of Phoenix Rising overseas.

We did see the Australian-New Zealand printing of our book first. It had been translated to…English.

Right then…

This German cover is an interesting take on the story (although I don’t think they got my profile quite right), but one thing I do find rather interesting is the publisher’s choice to call the series “Books & Braun” and not “The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences.” Still, we in the Archives are quite chuffed about this — our first European cover!

What are your thoughts on the German cover? Please, share them here!

5 Replies to “The Kaiser Calls: A Look at Phoenix Rising’s German Cover”

  1. Miss Braun looks disturbingly like I imagine her.
    So, one of my favourite novels soon available in German… I will of course blog about and vehemently promote it.

  2. Thank you sir! We would most certainly love to visit sometime and bring the Ministry dog and pony show to Germany. If there is enough demand for it, then who knows!

  3. This pose evokes the “Steam-powered Avengers” ambiance I had envisioned for the Ministry series (even if B & B aren’t holding champagne flutes). Bravo to the artist.

    Granted, it is a bit quiet. No KABOOM in the background, and all that…

  4. Dear Mr. Books, we are delighted that the cover is to your liking ;-). As for the title – translating the “Ministry of Peculiar Occurences” results in an unwieldy and inelegant monster of a phrase in german ;-). So we went for the names which lend themselves nicely for a typographical design.

    Best regards

    your team from Egmont LYX

  5. Good evening Anja! We are delighted to hear from one of our German team 🙂 I can imagine that the larger name might prove a hindrance to getting our faces on the cover. Books and Braun was the original title for the series, so we are delighted to see you agree it works so well.
    We are very much looking forward to having the book out there. Please let us know if you need us to do anything to help promote it. The Ministry is at your service!

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