Verity Fitzroy and Her Adventures

September 30th, the ebook of The Curse of the Silver Pharaoh will arrive, and with it the first novel of Verity Fitzroy and the Ministry Seven. Shortly after it will be in print and audiobook versions.

Right now, her previous adventures in short story form are free on Smashwords.

The Precarious Child

Merry Christmas, Verity Fitzroy

So if you haven’t read them, pop over now to get them.

For the moment, here is a sample of The Curse of the Silver Pharaoh, available now as a pre-order from Amazon.

If Verity Fitzroy were to die unceremoniously on the dark streets of London it would be riding high speed on the back of the latest scientific innovation.

She took comfort in that thought as she tightened her grip on the magnetic clamps attaching her to the ECC Mark 11. The East End whizzed past her at a dizzying forty miles an hour, the chilled rain pelting her face and biting the exposed fingertips sticking out from her gloves. Her hair was tied back, but ash blonde strands whipped at her eyes. Through all this, her grasp on the handles was becoming increasingly tenuous.

She dare not lift herself up to the flat surface of the Mark 11’s baggage compartment, lest the driver or his passenger become aware they picked up a London street urchin along the way—though she was perhaps a little old for that term to be precisely true. Still if she had been younger than sixteen, she would have had a far easier time of it in such an awkward position, huddled against the back of the electric motorcar.

Sure as eggs, if she let any part of her body show she would be caught. The passenger in the vehicle would undoubtedly turn around at just that moment and save her the bother of falling to her death by shooting her in the head. The thin black leather of the motorcar’s roof would not deflect bullets.

Carriages, buses, and motorcars flew past Verity as the motorcar burst onto the main thoroughfare of Cheapside. She tried to conjure the image of a limpet and put herself into that mind-set. If they could bear the sea, then she could bear the wind.

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